borchers fine food GmbH & Co. KG

Your reliable distribution partner for trendy food & delicatessen


We are ...

... specialists in the development and marketing of high-quality delicatessen and trendy products in the foodstuffs sector.
A passion for superior products drives the team led by entrepreneurs Martin Borchers, Ingo Jagels and Frank Tieskötter. Our spectrum of services encompasses purchase, sales, logistics as well as complete product and quality management.

We offer ...

... the high competence and efficient structures which you can expect from your general importer for your products.


Our strengths include many years of experience, prominent market knowledge, as well as good contacts to purchase and sales departments in the German and Austrian foodstuffs trade.

Are you ...

... a high-performance enterprise with competitive and innovative products?


Are you seeking a strong distribution partner with expertise and contacts to the German and Austrian foodstuffs trade?


Then do not hesitate to contact us.


Of importance to us ...

In addition to first-class products, the most important pillar for joint success is a correct understanding of partnership and cooperation. We always try to place people at the focus of our actions, and deal fairly, respectfully and professionally with our customers, employees and suppliers.


In cooperation, we fundamentally see ourselves not as external distribution partner or supplier, but rather as a fully fledged member of a success-driven chain, ranging from the manufacturer through the trading partner to the consumer. For this purpose, we deploy our entire experience, energy, and professional competence on a daily basis.


We stand for this as shareholders of borchers fine food GmbH & Co. KG

Martin Borchers - Ingo Jagels - Frank Tieskötter


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